I am beginning to feel empathy for the people of Egypt in the time of Moses. A plague of frogs seems to have hit my home.

Now, I can think of many other animals that would be worse. In fact, I actually like these little frogs and named one of them Theodore. They are cute and full of character. But they keep on popping up in the most unexpected places, especially when I am not prepared for them.

They like my sink where it stays cool and wet. I’ve discovered they can climb up walls, which explains the mystery of how they get up in there. I don’t mind as much if I find them in the sink with the dirty dishes, but I do mind when they climb into the drainer.

Episode 1 with the frogs left me laughing. I washed a load of clothes. The washer is really slow so it takes about an hour to wash a large load. When it finished, I was hanging up the clothes in the half-dark, when I saw something moving on the bottom of the washer. Here was a frog! He must have been buried in the clothes that I had piled beside the washer and then was washed along with my dirty clothes, churning and spinning around for the better part of an hour. I felt like he deserved a medal.

Episode 2 had me laughing afterwards, but not in the moment. I pulled a dress off the washline to wear the other morning, and after I slipped it on, I noticed a curious wet spot at my waistline. I wondered where it had gotten wet, so I patted my hand on the spot and felt a lump under my hand. Thinking it was a part of my pajamas that I was still wearing under my dress, I wasn’t worried right away, until it moved! After shaking the dress in panic several times, out fell a frog!! I still cannot figure out how he got into my dress in the first place, since it was hanging on the washline.

Episode 3 happened tonight. I was squeezing the dishrag while making supper and felt something rubbery. It was a frog! After letting out a yelp, I marched him out the door as quickly as possible. “Quoth the Raven, nevermore,” I said.

However, I am not sure how to get to the “nevermore.”

4 thoughts on “Frogs

  1. Maybe it is the Almighty giving you something to write about. I really like frogs, but definitely would not want them in my home like that. Hopefully they will live outdoors for you soon!

    I often think of the trials here in this world, as helping us to look forward to a time and place where everything is perfect (eternal home in heaven). Thank God the Father for our hope through His Son Jesus our Lord (the Christ).

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  2. Yikes. I can only imagine how the older women in my family would feel if they found frogs in their laundry and clothing…. you are so calm! I enjoyed this post!

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    1. I have older women in my family too that would react quite differently. It does not bother me at all, but in other moments, I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I mean, surely any self-respecting housekeeper should loathe frogs, instead of indulgently smiling when she sees them.

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      1. You make me smile, Lori! I am not sure if I’d smile at a frog in my house but I’m certain I would not shriek—they’re not that bad, after all, and besides, what would it help? (My mother is also very pragmatic this way, so I can by this honestly not by virtue of my own.)
        Enjoyed catching up with your blog again tonight. Blessings in Jesus!


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