Wounded Dream

In that small moment of trusting, not guarding

I forgot and the waves came and they came strong

Against the fragile dream I claimed for my own

No pain is imagined, no matter how ridiculous

It may seem to call it pain

Because it would not pain another, ever.

A word too many, a trust dropped through

And suddenly a hundred pains crowd  the door

What some call imagined, because it was not intended

But real or not, this door must be closed. stopped. shut.

I cannot believe these lies

That the dream has no value, and more so the dreamer

Be gentle always with young dreamers

They are the builders of eternity

Even when they forget that the dream was not theirs in the Beginning

For a dream can die in a day, like a candle

Snuffed in cold December wind

By words that do not know where they are going

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