Mourning Eden

We mourn for it back.

Edenic paradise and perfection,

Lifted to our lips

Like a sparkling cup of wine:

(That we have never experienced)

Life, perfection and oneness with God.


But we are here.

Beyond Eden- abruptly deposited;

Bourne by our own sorrows and fears

To drink the cup we ourselves have poured:

The dregs of humanity:

(We cry as we drink and remember a sweeter nectar

That we have never tasted)

Life, the new reality and separation


Somewhere, we know, a newer, truer reality

Awaits our numbed senses.

Memories of Eden haunt.

Reality is,

But a Paradise far greater

Calls across the abyss of separation

(And we cry as we remember and look forward to the day

When the memories of things unexperienced become reality

A reality far greater than what now is)

Jesus, Heaven and oneness with the God of love

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