You Know You’re a Teacher When….

Author’s note: Stepping into teaching again, even though I only have one student right now, brings back many memories of the three years I taught at our church’s  school. This is the result of some of the memories.
You know you’re a teacher when….
  1. You keep a squishy ball in your desk to squeeze after 3:30
  2.  Friday evenings you catch yourself singing the hallelujah chorus and doing wheelies in the lane (after everybody else is gone)
  3.  You start finding those 3rd grade jokes funny (why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 eight 9!)
  4.  At events with friends you suddenly find yourself telling everybody what to do, and suddenly realize that it isn’t your job after all
  5.  Someone uses incorrect grammar and you find yourself correcting them
  6. You find yourself patting the toilet and saying, “Good job!” when it flushes properly.
  7. Sundays are delightful days of listening to someone else preaching instead of doing it yourself
  8.  The bathroom is the only place where you can find a moment of peace and quiet (She’s in the bathroom again?!)
  9. You keep chocolate chips in your desk as an after school snack
  10. You find yourself in precarious places that teacher training never prepared you for, like up in the lofty heights of a prickly evergreen tree, trying to catch the kitten that belongs to your fifth grade student
  11. You embarrass yourself (and everybody else) when you bawl your eyes out at the graduation ceremony of your former students
  12. You find the saying below hilariously funny

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