I Am Not Resigned

Today I taught English. I rode a bicycle. I wasted time online. I studied a difficult language and plowed painfully through several pages of squiggly writing that is slowly starting to make sense.I graded science papers and a book report. I baked bars. I made potato soup. I set my mouth on fire with a stir fry of mushrooms and chilies. I had my devotions. I prayed. A little.
Today @ 66,000 people died without having access to the Gospel.
Lord, have mercy!!
I wrote the following poem several months ago. Although it speaks passionately about saving people, reading it convicts me of my own distracted way of living out an evangelistic life and my lack of a powerful prayer life. Although, most of what I did today was needed, I waste so much time doing something that will never last for eternity, time I could have spent praying. Prayer opens hearts, brings light and healing to dark places and opens doors that would never be opened otherwise.

I am not resigned.

I am not resigned to aged eyes swift-closed in sure death

That have never been opened to sight;

I am not resigned to the shutting away of hard hearts

That have never felt the piercing of light;

I am not resigned to senseless pursuit of sensual desires

Deaf to the piping of a far greater call;

I am not resigned to harsh words of pain and rejection

Building the stones around those who fall;

I am not resigned to the gradual sinking and pulling  away

Into the isolation of a scarred soul;

I am not resigned to walls that are built by default of man

To protect from  love that would heal and make whole;

I am not resigned to strongholds of fear and chaos

And anger that cripples and maims;

I am not resigned to the casual throwing away

Of God-designed souls to eternal flames;

No! No! I am not resigned!!

I am not resigned.

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